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When I looked into Medicare for the first time, I was attempting to make sense of it all for my mom. I realized that Uncle Sam makes it very confusing to understand, and that most brokers were in their 50’s or 60’s close to retiring, and didn’t really have the energy to help. NO ONE was making it simple at all. 

I searched on Google. Watched YouTube. Read blogs and articles. It was all laced with confusing industry jargon, that is boring as ****. That statement is coming from a working professional licensed as an insurance broker and a real estate broker. Boring and technical is my world.

Wesley E. (Broker for Medicare Made Simple .LA)

I look at websites and info online. I subscribe to AARP and AHIP and I download all the sales material and consumer brochures, and I sit down with regular, everyday people in their homes on a daily basis.

If you want to ask questions, or get technical on how a certain part of Medicare works, I won’t shy away from that conversation with you. Heck, you can find every answer to every question on how the system works in the annual Medicare and You handbook.

But, I really want to make this about giving you the tools and info. you want, and making this process simple. I’m convinced that everyone else is trying to explain how the watch works, but 99% of people just want to know what time it is.

I know my parents are definitely like that. They just want to know what the best plan is, with the most benefits, and if their doctors and prescriptions are covered.

I believe my job as a broker is to deliver that answer to you. To just tell you the time.

My Warmest Regards

Wesley Evans

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